The Basic Belmont Stakes Betting Terms

First, let’s get a definition of the term used for horse race betting at the Buy cheap Levitra online

.com/belmont-stakes.html”>Belmont Stakes. Horse Handicapping Picks means evaluating the various factors of a horse’s history, then balancing that information against the same info on horses in the same race. Simply put, it is the technical way of determining which horse will win a given race. Factors to study include pedigree, trainer, jockey, class, track, pace and speed.

A horse’s ancestral line. If a horse’s sire or dam were winners, then chances are that horse could be a winner also.

Belmont Stakes Betting Terms

The person responsible for a horse’s development and race preparation. Not to be confused with the owner, whose claim to the horse is purely financial.

The person who rides the horse during a race. If you didn’t know that already, you may want to avoid handicapping and stick to the mint juleps.

The level or quality of race at which a horse is running. Most well-known races are graded, Grade I being the highest, Grade III the lowest. For instance, if a horse which normally runs in only graded races were to step down in class and run in a non-graded race, that horse would be a sure favorite. If a horse were stepping up in class, that horse might, though not always, be less of a favorite. Movements between class is a great way to distinguish horses in a given race.

The actual place where the race is held. Often times a horse that races well on one track will struggle on another.

How a horse likes to run a race. Some horses like to take the lead early and try to hold it, others like to reserve energy and come from behind. Pace and the distance of a race go hand-in-hand.

How fast a horse usually runs. Speed horses generally take to the lead early and establish pace. Those with stamina hope to out-duel speed runners by the end of the race.